Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Some great galleries in Berlin, Part 2

These few days, I went to several galleries too. Here are three more that I recommend.

1. Hamburger Bahnhof

For me, Hamburger Bahnhof is a quite special gallery. The building used to be a train station. It was then transformed into a public gallery, but you can still see they keep some part of the structure, for example, the station signage and the storage. I love their display design and the way that they put contemporary elements into the historical building. Among the few current exhibitions they are showcasing, I like Architektonika 2 and Ingeborg Luscher's The Other Side. Architektonika 2 presents sculptural and photographic works on architecture, whereas Bruce Nauman's site-specific installation impressed me most. Ingeborg Luscher's work is adjacent to Hans Peter Fieldmann's The Dead, which you can find a strong link between each other.  

2. Helmut Newton Foundation

© Helmut Newton Foundation

I like Helmut Newton's photographs. It is a must-go place for his fans. Apart from the current exhibition, you can also see the private property owned by him and his wife, June Newton. Helmut Newton is regarded as a fashion photographer, but for me, he is more like a women-portrait photographer, as most of the photographs are shooting women. No matter they are dressed, half-naked or naked, you can see his photography is full of aesthetic and are evergreen.  

3. KW Institute for Contemporary Art

Not like other galleries in Berlin having their own collection, KW mainly showcased works by new artists. Their current exhibition is by Egyptian artist Wael Shawky including video works and installation. You can feel a strong cultural background through the works. It is really provocative. You can also see an astonishing cabinet of puppets which he used for shooting in one of the films.

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