Friday, 30 March 2012

Life is full of unexpected things

I went to Perrott's Folly to see a group exhibition yesterday afternoon. It's the first time I went to there. When I arrived, the gate was being shut. I were sure that they said they would open on Friday on the leaflet. I told myself that I couldn't just go away, I walked such a long road to there and I were really looking forward to this exhibition. I waited there around 15 mins and finally someone came and opened the gate. The exhibition was really great that held in such a special and historical building. I talked with one of the artists. She didn't base in Birmingham and she told me that she wouldn't plan to stay in Birmingham as there were very few art and cultural activities here. She might go to London. I just feel it's pity that artist doesn't want to stay in Birmingham but prefer to go to London.
I met with Gavin afterwards and spoke on the current project. He gave me lots of useful advice and suggested me to read a few books on curating. It's a good thing for Birmingham to have an organization like Eastside Projects. You can really get inspiration and ideas that challenge your assumption. Birmingham needs more creative person!!!!!!!!!!
I had to volunteer for Fierce Festival at night. The event called Berlin Love Tour. Another unexpected thing came. I arrived at Crescent Theatre and the staff there told me to wait in the bar. There was no other volunteers there except me. I waited there and nobody turned up to tell me what to do. I saw some people went in and out through a private door. I just stopped someone and asked. I went into a dressing room that that the guilds of Berlin Love Tour stayed. They felt really surprised to see me and they said that they didn't know any volunteers would come. I stayed for a while. They then told me they didn't know what work can be assigned to me and just told me to go. I were very very confused that moment. Finally, the volunteer coordinator asked me to help out another event called Make Better Please. It's not bad that I could watch the performance too even though I had to use more than half an hour to walk back to city center. The performance is quite provoking and impressive although I didn't agree with some of the issues they mentioned and the way they presented. I could still appreciate their hard working.
It's not a good experience volunteering for Fierce so far. It's not the first time that things happened like that. I supposed to volunteer for another event at Fierce a few days ago. I arrived there but the organizer hadn't turned up until I waited for more than a hour. And he told me the artist couldn't go to on time so nothing we could do. They sent me to another place to help out other works. I just felt they didn't manage the volunteer well and communicate well with other performance groups or artists.

Those are the words I want to say now:


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