Saturday, 15 September 2012

Topsy Turvy and FATFORM

Today, I went to see art from De Appel Arts Centre and Fatform Festival. Topsy Turvy is the opening exhibition in De Appel's new premises. It is based on the idea of European Carnival, which temporarily turns the world upside-down. The curator invites us to see the world and things in a topsy-turvy way. After I saw the show, I didn't really caught up the linkage between carnival and seeing things differently. Some of the artworks are too conceptual while some of them are too obvious. I love the inner-design of the building but the exhibition did let me down a little bit.

But I found a surprise in their restaurant, MOES- fresh food, cosy environment and nice staffs. Chairs, tables and wooden ceiling were made of re-used materials. I tried a bread with roasted vegetables and feta cheese. Taste very delicious! 

I discovered FATFORM Festival from TimeOut Amsterdam. It's an art project exhibiting arts in an experimental way. It takes place in a parking garage showcasing 55 contemporary Dutch artists, while at the meantime filling with music, foods and drinks. It challenges people's perception on the traditional way of showing arts. It is an experience rather than constraint of thought.

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