Friday, 7 September 2012

Ian Andrews

Today, I came across Great Western Arcade and popped into Terrace Gallery for the private view of their recent show, Ian Andrews-Rummage Out. Terrace Gallery uses empty shop's windows as a platform to introduce art to the audience. We pass by shop's windows everyday but may miss some of the beautiful things around us. Just like the gallery is reminding us art can be part of our every lives.
I saw Ian's works before in OUTLINED exhibition held in Minerva Works. They are pretty impressive. His works looks like some mysterious cabinets. It seems that his works give you a feeling of something between trash and lost objects. The artist explained that "My mother's death and my own illness have led me into considering how the mind works and how connections and associations are made in our thought process...To discover new connections I reuse old work or deliberately leave pieces lying around until the original intention has been weakened or lost and rather than view the pieces as useless, I see them as providing opportunity." Just like the title of the exhibition suggests "Rummage out"!

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