Friday, 21 September 2012

Some great galleries in Berlin, Part 1

Wherever I travel to, I use to go to their art galleries, especially when I heard of there are some good galleries in Berlin. I have visited several galleries and museums so far, and here are some galleries that I recommend going.

1. Deutsche Guggenheim

                                          © Deutsche Bank 

A cooperation between Deutsche Bank and Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation. Although the gallery is quite small, the exhibition is still worth seeing. They are now showing a collection of left-behind by Gabriel Orozco. The artist photographed around 1200 objects and displayed them in the gallery alongside with photographs. You can see how the artist see the world and the trivial things around us. 

2. Berlinische Galerie

                                          © Berlinlist

Their permanent exhibition didn't impress me much but I did love their temporary exhibition  One is Forst by Michael Sailstorfer, he transformed the space into an upside-down forest. The trees keep rotating under a motor and the leaves and branches constantly fall on the floor. It can refer to how technology can damage the natural environment. The other one is films by Guy Ben-Ner, the one that I saw called Berkeley’s Island. In the film, he built an small island inside the kitchen at his home. He uses a humorous way to tell you a personal story. You can feel something between fiction and reality, sometimes it can be blurred. 

3. Galerienhaus

Galerienhaus is a place where you can find more than 10 galleries. I discovered the buildings when I was on the way to Berlinische Galerie. It is a little bit similar to Jockey Club Creative Art Centre and Art East Island in Hong Kong. It is a pleasant place to see art, most of the galleries are quite commercial, but it's still a good place to see for first-timer.


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