Thursday, 24 May 2012

Site visit 2 & Bharti Parmar's show

Today, I went to see our exhibition space in the Old Print Works. The whole building is now under-construction. And they are going to develop the space as artists studios, events and exhibitions venue. It's quite challenging for us to put on an exhibition when the place is still messy in the coming months. But that's point I love to use this space, I love to explore the possibility of transforming spaces. Also, I am satisfied with the price they offered. Deal!! 

I went to see Bharti Parmar's show in the afternoon. The title of the exhibition called Shag and you probably can guess what it is about. But it is not what it suppose to be about. She made a carpet using human hairs for this exhibition. It caused her 9 months to finish this piece and it is going to be toured to America next week. What it made me feel is you really need patience and heart to do this.

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